SENSEART teamed up with ARTLINGO LAB to create an exclusive and original “Swelling Zoo”, where a group of chubby friends are waiting for your arrival. Their chubby and cute shapes really look so crazy to like. Each animal has its own colorful colors, full of summer flavor and sunshine vitality, which can bring everyone a relaxed, happy and fun-filled holiday atmosphere.

截屏2023-11-02 上午10.52.10
截屏2023-11-02 上午10.51.55
截屏2023-11-02 上午10.51.59
截屏2023-11-02 上午10.52.02
截屏2023-11-02 上午10.52.04
截屏2023-11-02 上午10.52.06
截屏2023-11-02 上午10.52.08
截屏2023-11-02 上午10.52.12
截屏2023-11-02 上午10.52.16