British artist Johanna Croft x SENSEART

British dreamy and aesthetic artist Johanna Croft teamed up to inspire art and jointly created the “Moon Star Spiritual Journey” IP air film installation exhibition. Under a dreamlike starry sky, the romantic starry sky atmosphere and harmonious color matching are like the reappearance of a beautiful dream. The dreamy and bright moonlight makes us forget the troubles of urban life. The innocent perspective of the Jade Dog allows us to immerse ourselves in the magical journey of the stars in the full moon and Mid-Autumn Festival, composing all the beautiful encounters in life…

截屏2023-10-31 上午11.23.30
截屏2023-10-31 上午11.23.23
截屏2023-10-31 上午11.23.17
截屏2023-10-31 上午11.23.47
截屏2023-10-31 上午11.24.03
截屏2023-10-31 上午11.24.25
截屏2023-10-31 上午11.25.00
截屏2023-10-31 上午11.26.59
截屏2023-10-31 上午11.27.57