SENSEART teamed up with ARTLINGO LAB to create an exclusive original “MONKEY Fun Planet”. Welcome to the trendy planet. This is your new friend – Fun Monkey. Don’t forget to SAY HI when you see them~ them They will tell you they like you in alien language. They have colorful polka dot shapes, and their cool shapes add a sense of fun to our lives.

截屏2023-11-01 上午11.02.41
截屏2023-11-01 上午11.02.47
截屏2023-11-01 上午11.02.49
截屏2023-11-01 上午11.02.58
截屏2023-11-01 上午11.03.03
截屏2023-11-01 上午11.03.13
截屏2023-11-01 上午11.03.17
截屏2023-11-01 上午11.03.21
截屏2023-11-01 上午11.03.23