SENSEART art and ARTLINGO LAB inspiration laboratory create BOKI immediately lie down and move
The trendy visual IP model of the zoo. This series of IP is inspired by animals to create images. The interesting lying down shape and bright colors are used for visual output. The interesting appearance setting and rich IP character positioning give the character Soul, bringing rich trendy art experience to commercial space.

截屏2023-11-01 上午11.40.45
截屏2023-11-01 上午11.40.26
截屏2023-11-01 上午11.40.28
截屏2023-11-01 上午11.40.30
截屏2023-11-01 上午11.40.33
截屏2023-11-01 上午11.40.37
截屏2023-11-01 上午11.40.40
截屏2023-11-01 上午11.40.42
截屏2023-11-01 上午11.40.48