Filipino artist Mark Magna x SENSEART

SENSEART collaborates with Filipino fun life artist Mark Magna [Magic Eye Weird Garden] to create a trendy IP interactive air model installation exhibition. The combination of interactive sensory and inflatable devices brings a wonderful magic garden for interactive play. There are mysterious colors and strange flowers with magic eyes. The interaction of digital technology and lighting shocks and presents a unique and weird secret. Welcome to the weird and gorgeous Carnival Garden, and start a beautiful and mysterious journey with the magic flowers!

截屏2023-10-31 上午11.07.48
截屏2023-10-31 上午11.07.55
截屏2023-10-31 上午11.08.07
截屏2023-10-31 上午11.09.04
截屏2023-10-31 上午11.09.32
截屏2023-10-31 上午11.10.10
截屏2023-10-31 上午11.11.20
截屏2023-10-31 上午11.12.49
截屏2023-10-31 上午11.14.42