Romane Lefebvre


CO-BRANDING:Printshop Global/Journal Erratum/Voze

Roman Lefevere is an illustrator from France. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Illustrations from Saint Luc de Li è ge
In 2019, the College of Advanced Arts. Since then, her first youth album has been released, becoming a freelance illustrator. In November 2020, Roman received funding from É mergence and participated in the creation of two children’s albums.

Roman Lefevere × Printshop Global

Roman Lefevere collaborated with Print Shop Global and decided to share love with everyone. This activity is called Giveaway, and everyone has the opportunity to get a Tshirt or phone case with her works.

Roman Lefevere × Journal Erratum

Roman Lefevere provided illustrations for Journal Erratum. Different styles of illustrations were designed for each of the ten stories. Roman Lefevere believes that this project has made her very happy because the stories in this book are all excellent.